West Point Dedicates New Frederic V. Malek Visitor Center


West Point dedicated the new, Frederic V. Malek West Point Visitor Center on October 27th, 2017 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The newly renovated Center is named after its vanguard donor, Frederic V. Malek, USMA Class of 1959 and Wilson Center Board Chairman.  

The new and improved, Frederic V. Malek West Point Visitor Center is now a state-of-the-art facility, boasting high-tech interactive exhibits, a presentation theater, new gift shop and visitor control center.  The visitor center seeks to preserve military tradition while reinforcing the Army’s commitment to innovation and adaptation.

“You have to understand, what a privilege it is that someone who comes from modest works is molded by this institution,” Malek said at the ribbon cutting, “It developed into something of worth hopefully, by the leadership and characteristics of this institution. By the lessons of integrity, of honor, of discipline and persistence that are here. What a privilege it is to gain that and to have the opportunity to apply that across a career and then have the privilege to come back and have the opportunity to do something for my alma mater that is so appreciated and is pretty neat.”

Malek reflected on the opportunity to donate and the motivation behind his philanthropy, “We all give back to say ‘thank you’ for letting us repay in part the debt of honor we feel we owe to the world’s greatest leader development institution.”

Malek hopes that the visitor center will, “tell the West Point story and inspire new generations to serve our Army and our nation. The 15,000 square foot exhibit space, housed inside the new state-of-the-art visitor’s center, will do just that by honoring the many remarkable leaders that have formed the Long Gray Line.”