How Virtual Reality Is More Profitable Nowadays


Virtual reality has a significant impact on industries from across all entertainment sectors. Although it was initially seen as a simple gimmick for all those hardcore gamers, it’s quickly found its way into unexpected areas. Such continued growth is something that most of us didn’t see coming!

Some companies are benefiting greatly from this technological innovation. Here, various organizations similar to Association Noosphere, initially founded by Max Polyakov, make profits in different ways. Here are some examples of how industries in multiple sectors are increasing their productivity for better returns!

Educating Their Employees

Holding new training programs for employees in the service and manufacturing industry is costly for any business. With a virtual reality tool, companies can train their staff on new job roles through software like Oculus Rift.

PepsiCo and Walmart are some of the company giants ordering new employees using this VR technological tool. It removes the need for expensive and lengthy training sessions which need the human workforce. The system walks employees across all real-world scenarios while on a VR headset. In so doing, they can participate, experience and learn from real-life situations without making costly mistakes.

It’s a Glimpse of the Future

Nothing puts pressure on a retail store like pouring large sums of money into a new advertising or floor plan. That’s just why InContext Solutions created a VR platform that gives brands and retailers the chance of building and evaluating new concepts with actual shoppers, before taking such ideas into the market.

Such VR simulations remove the use of more mock centres used while testing store layouts and designs. The platform also assists in eliminating guesswork as you try to figure out the advertising concept that’s popular with your shoppers.

Helps in The Understanding of Data Analytics

Data is only secure as its results. Hence, it’s essential for businesses to understand the meaning of collected data. VR is giving different business improved insights by allowing them to visualize each piece of data.

Typically, analyzing and processing vast amounts of data using your computer or by hand is a long and tedious task. However, by using VR, businesses can complete all their jobs in a timely and efficient manner. It opens a whole new world of improved data analytics and shares a three-dimensional with custom data visualization. Eventually, this makes the data more accessible for you to understand!

Improved Sales Pitches

Do you want to take that brand new car before it hits the market? Well, using VR the process is pretty simple. As a retailer, you can show potential clients how it feels like driving a car or browsing through different categories of furniture that are not in the stores yet. One UK company even found that certain helicopter tour sales shot to 190% after clients viewed the tour using VR.


With the growth of technology, virtual reality is one of the most exciting future trends that’s transforming the way that we do business. So, although it got attention for only having slick consumer applications, it’s now clear that times are changing. All in all, we’ll continue to see VR in places we would never expect!

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