The Untold Story Of How Amsia Motors, Began It’s Green Journey In the Automotive World


The Untold Story Of How Amsia Motors, Began It’s Green Journey In the Automotive World! 

Amsia Motors is an OEM Joint Venture automotive brand that is registered in Delaware, USA. Amsia Motors has partnered with three top Global Fortune 500 companies that include DongFeng Shiye Auto Industrial Co, Ltd, Brilliance Auto of Mianyang, and Zhongtong. The three joint venture partners strategically empower Amsia Motors, with impacted expertise in the automotive industry, representing three product genre’s; automotive, agro-vehicles and power generation.

Amsia’s main goal and mission is to focus on producing environment friendly, cost efficient and affordable vehicles reducing carbon foot-print and eliminating harmful emissions.

The top three OEM JV partners all are equipped with their own strong foundations in the automotive industry, over decades. DongFeng was founded in 1969 and is based in Wuhan, China, and is one of China’s largest auto groups. The company employs 176,000 people, and business covers the full range of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new-energy vehicles, engines, auto parts, components, and other automobile-related business.

DongFeng Motors has a strong influence in the Chinese and global automotive market. DFM has been China’s first well-known trademark in the automotive industry, and ranks among the World Top 500 Famous Brands. DFM manufacturers Honda, Nissan, Kia, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, and other brands under the DFM logo in China.

The second OEM JV partnership is with the Brilliance Auto Group, whose subsidiary is the Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Company, Ltd. The Brilliance Auto Group, begun it’s operation manufacturing microvans, delux and mid-priced mini-buses, and other multi-passenger vehicles with Toyota. Later, Brilliance Automotive Holdings under an OEM JV partnership with BMW commenced producing the BMW 3 and 5 series in China, who recorded as the number one luxury vehicle sold in China, in 2017.

Brilliance Auto has also created technical partnerships with Bosch, Continental, Delphi, TI Automotive, Johnson Controls, and other global auto part manufacturers.

The third OEM JV partnership that Amsia Motors has created is with Zhongtong. Zhongtong manufactures buses, coaches, city buses, group buses, luxury and electric buses. This company was one of the first to start manufacturing buses in China and has a production line that meets international standards. This production has a capacity to create 30,000 new energy saving buses; Zhongtong also has over 100 patents and has obtained 50 domestic and international awards.

Zhongtong was the official transportation for the Beijing Olympic Games, the 11th National Games of China, and the 2011 Xi-an International Horticultural Exposition.

Amsia Motors, along with its top three OEM JV partners, caters to a healthier environment with three different product genres, aiming to be the global citizen’s automotive passport. Amsia has additionally partnered with nine global automotive technical companies to continue research and development for technological innovation, creative design, and quality performance.

The top three OEM Joint-venture automotive product categories are marketed and branded as Amsia Motors, which includes DongFeng, Brilliance Auto, and Zhongtong. Upon the strategic planning, research and partnership over the years, Amsia plans an independent automotive assembly plant, to launch their own private brand ‘Amsia Motors’.

In the meantime, Amsia Motors has taken aggressive steps to appoint agents, representatives, and local coordinators across the major automotive markets across the globe to coordinate with the heads of state government, corporate, independent and private authorities for market development.

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