UK’s Farage says investigation needed into the extent that Soros is ” undermining politics across the western world”


Former UKIP head Nigel Farage out on the wires 12 Feb

George Soros is reported to have recently donated GBP 400k, with another 100k to follow, to the Best for Britain movement that is working/hoping to keep the UK in the EU.

  • best case scenario under May is Brexit in name only
  • worse case is rerun of referendum
  • Brexit betrayal by supporters of EU would thrust Britain into deepest constitutional crisis since WW2
  • EU supporters will try to halt Brexit by blocking approval of withdrawal deal in UK parliament later this year

Nigel “mine’s a pint and a fag” Farage always good to create a headline/caricature or two

(what politician isn’t? ) but if he hadn’t pressured Cameron and called his bluff it’s highly unlikely we would have had the Brexit referendum at all and how boring would that have made trading GBP over the past 20 months or so. Just my two penny worth ofc.

Meanwhile UK PM May has arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland to discuss the  crucial Irish border issues with her counterparts.

GBPUSD seeing further slippage and now testing 1.3800-10 again with GBJPY breaking down through 150.00 and EURGBP pushing up to 0.8862