UK government confident of EU Withdrawal Bill passing through this evening’s vote


Spokesperson for UK PM May out with a statement 11 Sept

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is a key part of the Brexit process and overturns the 1972 European Communities Act which took the UK into the then European Economic Community.

It will also convert all existing EU laws into domestic ones, to ensure there are no gaps in legislation on Brexit day. Govt ministers say this process will ensure a smooth transition out of the EU but critics say the UK govt are also handing themselves sweeping powers to change laws without full parliamentary scrutiny.

The Opposition Labour Party will be voting against it but will have its own share of dissenters, as will the govt.

Vote due to be unveiled around 23.00 GMT 

The Beeb has more back story here ( saves me typing)

GBPSD currently 1.3218 still underpinned by EURGBP remaining on session lows at 0.9085

                           The UK govt still hoping to be laughing tonight