U.S., China, Japan react to imminent impeachment vote


미.중.일, 朴대통령 탄핵표결에 대한 입장
Regional powers are paying close attention as the clock ticks down to the crunch impeachment vote.
The United States has reaffirmed its strong alliance with Korea despite the political crisis.
China and Japan have alluded to the outcome affecting their national interests.
Park Jong-hong has this report.
The U.S. says the impeachment vote will not sway its bilateral alliance with South Korea.
The State Department said the relationship is “strong,” “deep” and “solid” despite the leadership crisis in Seoul and predicts the outcome will not have any impact on the two countries’ ties.
State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau made the comments Thursday at a regular briefing.
Asked if the South’s political situation could affect the North Korean nuclear issue, Trudeau said the U.S. position on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is well known and the position has not changed.
As for the Chinese government, it’s seemingly maintaining its previous stance when it said that the impeachment vote is an internal matter for Korea and that Koreans are able and wise to make the right decision.
Chinese media, on the other hand, is keenly following the developments.
This is because the outcome of the vote may affect the deployment of the U.S.-made THAAD missile defense system on the Korean peninsula,… not to mention Korea-China relations.
Japanese media has especially noted the planned en masse resignation of opposition lawmakers if the motion fails to pass.
In particular, regardless of whether the impeachment motion passes, Japan’s Jiji Press forecasts a prolonged period of political chaos in Korea.
Park Jong-hong, Arirang News.

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