U.S. Army tests JETS forward observer targeting system


Aug. 25 (UPI) — Soldiers at Fort Bragg have completed durability testing with the Joint Effects Targeting System for forward observers calling in artillery and airstrikes, the Army announced on Friday.

“Operational testing provides soldiers the opportunity to use, work with and offer up their suggestions on pieces of equipment that can impact development of systems that future soldiers will use in combat,” director of Army Airborne testing Col. Brad Mock said in a press release.

The JETS is a tripod-mounted targeting system used to designate targets for precision guided bombs and artillery. It uses a combination of laser and azimuth designation systems to guide outside weapons by ground troops.

The system is being developed for use by both airborne units and conventional ground-based infantry. Many weapons systems ranging from artillery to cruise missiles can be guided by separate targeting systems.

Laser guidance in particular can require or utilize separate semi-active targeting systems. Lasers are used by the military for a number of purposes, including rangefinding, air strikes and snipers.