Trump plunging in the polls (and why that doesn’t matter)


A report on a new poll from Quinnipiac University, showing Trump is getting absolutely smashed in the polls. 

I don’t get it … Trump faces his next presidential election in 4 years, why would he give a flying **** about a poll now?

  • Trump won the election, which in his mind – and in the minds of many analysts – would seem to have vindicated his brand of politics and many of the decisions he made on the campaign trail. He got elected, so it all must have been secret political genius!
  • That’s not really how things work, though. Trump squeaked his way into the White House with a very narrow win in which he got 46 percent of the vote, won the states he needed to by less than a point, and lost the national popular vote, as voters told pollsters said they had huge reservations about him.

Trump won the election … That’s not really how things work, though


That’s EXACTLY how an election and getting elected works. FFS.

Love him or loath him, he WON. Deal with it.