The true power of press release


The true power of press release

Don’t imagine that small businesses don’t have to focus on a press release or that it is an old thing now. Even if you are running a one man business, press release can prove to be a good and powerful tool for simply anyone. The power of press release is phenomenal and it can be of great use for small businesses too. Let’s dig into the power of small business and how it can be helpful.

Your story matters:

Size of the business doesn’t matter. What matters is the story. No matter what the size of business might be, it can be newsworthy.

You just need to make the media feel attracted towards it. Media is always in search of fresh news and that is why it is really essential to send out press releases. Says one of the representatives from NewswireNEXT.

As the story matters, you really need to start thinking like a reporter. Also think as the audience who reads or listens to them. Next, you need to focus on how you will sketch our business in news worthy statement. You also need to hire someone professional to write your press release if you are not hat good at writing. If you are fine, writing yourself, then go ahead with it. Just make sure that your story is what matters and it must be written in a fine manner.

Why send it out?

So how much can a press release really do for your business? The basic aim of a press release is to gather attention and bring in more businesses. Every community might want a different press release and if you want your business to flourish then you can make different press releases, to attract different communities; that is okay to do.

The perks of a press release are limitless. They can not only generate in traffic but they are also capable of raising your brand awareness and drive visibility of your business too. Making your business media news is not that easy but if you gain the attention successfully, then you can really attain these benefits.

Make it Stand Out

So everyone is going to tell you that your press release needs to be “unique” so that it can gain attention of journalists and hundreds of people. But how do you really stand out? Making its power work is not that easy but there are still some ways through which a press release can be made unique. The key to this is the “headline”. The media persons always focus on the headline of the press release and if that hooks them up, your job is done. This is why a lot of people hire a proper press release person for this task. You need to intrigue people and your headline is the key to doing so.

How to send them out?

The most asked query from people is that they don’t really know anyone in the press, so how do they send their releases out and how many must they send? You obviously need a list of media contacts because that is what will empower your business. Moreover, you need contacts online, industrially, bloggers and traders too. This is going to require a lot of effort as you need to contact them and let them know that you have updated your media list. Get their name, phone and other contact sources. Once you are done with your press release, you can send it out via email, text or post it to the address.

Building up contacts will take time. Bloggers can be contacted or interacted with through their comment section on their blog posts. However, building industrial or trade contacts will take time but you can always search for some through online means.


The power of a press release cannot be challenged at all and it does magic still. However, you need to make sure that your press release is written properly. it is great to consider hiring someone for this as press release writers usually have a lot of knowledge about market and other facts that are important for a press release overall. It is not confirmed that your first press release will be your lucky charm. It can take some attempts to get your press release noticed. However, with the use of latest technologies and amazing social platforms, it is easier for people to reach out to you.