Technology at the heart of lifting govt services


Technology at the heart of lifting govt services

January 24, 2017

Technology is at the heart of
improving productivity of government services and the second
annual NZTech Advance Government and Technology Summit in
Wellington on February 28 will play a landmark role in
helping New Zealand become a stronger digital nation, NZTech
chief executive Graeme Muller says.

The summit is a
high-level event that will host the key players from
government, industry and technology to lead discussions on
transformative technology aiding the delivery of better
public services.

The event will offer insights from
people working behind the scenes about the government’s
ICT strategy framework and the complex issues behind the
government adoption of the public cloud. The public sector
is single largest customer of the tech sector.

“This year we focus on advancing the use of technology
across the public sector and building stronger collaboration
across government,” Muller says.

“Among those
attending are leaders and executives from government and
technology, senior policy makers, senior advisers,
controllers and strategists from government agencies and
enterprise architects, technology and operations managers
from local and central government, health and education.

“The summit has also attracted risk officers,
transformation leaders, performance leaders and business
partners within government and industry and finally chief
information officers and their top team members from
NZ-based and international companies.

Zealanders need to understand the benefits and challenges of
implementing the acceleration of public cloud services. We
must realise the deeper implications of working with data
and security in the cloud.

“We will discuss how
government and industry leaders can build a culture within
government to support tech transformation and become a
strong digital nation.

“Transforming government
services will lead to better outcomes for all New
Zealanders, especially those in most need. With up to 40
percent of all money spent on tech in New Zealand spent by
the public sector, enabling agencies to share innovative
ways of using technology will drive better public

“Technology is at the heart of the
transformation that government is looking for. NZTech is
committed to working with government to enable this

“Productivity lies at the core of
New Zealand’s long-term economic challenges. Hard won in a
small isolated economy, productivity in New Zealand has
declined over the past 40 years, compared to other small
developed economies. With services making up 70 percent of
New Zealand’s GDP, it is here that the greatest
productivity challenge exists.

“Technology is at
the heart of improving productivity of government services.
Discussions between government and industry are now far more
“gritty” and open, and able to grapple with real issues
faced by agencies.

“But the environment in many
government agencies does little to nurture innovation. While
there is a proliferation of data in government agencies, a
resistance, or inability, to share and collaborate is
undermining the value of the data.”

Muller says
next month’s summit at Te Papa is central to both the
government’s aspiration for the economy and transforming
the way government operates and delivers public services.
The tech the industry believes that more can be done to work
alongside government to help bring about positive outcomes,


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