Some small-scale business ideas with minimum investment- The New Indian Express


After China, India is becoming second largest place for setting up small scale industries. One of the key reasons for this is because India has cheap labour and other resources. This guide will brief you about some businesses that you can start by investing small capital.

Small Scale Business Ideas

This is one of the easiest businesses that one can start on small scale. With low investment, there’s huge profit margin in this business. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you’ll never face shortage of sale since there’s regular demand for office supplies in India. This is because there are lots of schools and offices situated in urban areas, which ensures that there’s regular and huge demand for office stationery such as paper, pens, notebooks, ink, stamp etc.

You can do some online marketing and advertising of your business to attract more customers to your shop. However, while setting up this type of business, make sure that you place your shop in an area having lots of educational institutions and offices. Location of business establishment is an important factor since it can considerably affect the size of your market and customers.

  • Customized Jewellery Business

India is a cultural and religious country where jewellery pieces have been worn by people especially ladies since centuries. Hence, starting a customized jewellery business in India can be a great idea. With abundance of manpower, particularly people who have experience in crafting the jewellery pieces, you can easily start this business with small investment. All you need is to purchase a jewellery making kit to create bracelets, earrings and necklaces etc.

However, make sure that the manpower you hire has experience in making customized designer jewellery pieces. Moreover, make sure that you set up your shop in a posh area where there’s huge demand for designer jewellery pieces. It is worth mentioning here that in this type of business, success depends upon creativity and marketing. After setting up the business, you can use cost-effective marketing techniques such as email marketing etc. Additionally, you can think about selling your jewellery pieces online through e-marketing portals.

India is a country where lots of festivals are celebrated round the year. In such a case, there’s no chance that greeting cards business will not work. Moreover, as the trend of online greetings is also on rise, you won’t be required to invest much money in the business.

All you need is some resourcefulness and creativity to make designer greetings. Additionally, you can use some good marketing strategies to promote your online greeting cards business. Moreover, make sure that the employees that you’re hiring for your business have knowledge of creating innovative patterns and designs.

Some people have perception that they need to invest millions or thousands of dollars as capital to start a restaurant. However, this is not true. In case, you have your own space and you know how to cook, you don’t need to invest much. You just need to spend money in purchasing ingredients, vegetables etc. which you need to cook food items.

However, in case you’re not good at cooking and you need a chef for your restaurant, make sure that you’re hiring someone having prior experience of cooking in restaurants. You can start by making simple recipes. However, make sure that you place your shop in an area having lots of paying guests and students etc. In case, you also want to establish business in India, you can contact visa India for acquiring a visa.


Hope this guide will help you to start a new business.