Sexism in start-up investment leaves UK businesses male-dominated


The figures from Beauhurst, which records all publicly available deals for high-growth companies in the UK, show that the situation has remain unchanged for a number of years. 

Earlier data from the tracking organisation showed investments in companies with a female board member averaged £500,000 per deal from 2011 to 2015, compared with an average of £2.9m for those with no women on the board. 

The research shows, however, that female-led businesses are less likely to fail, with 34pc of male founders’ companies folding compared with 23pc of those run by women. 

Increasing the number of female investors could prompt a change, with the number of women investors having quadrupled. 

Debbie Woskow, co-founder of AllBright, a venture capital fund that invests in female entrepreneurs, said she hopes the situation is changing. 

“Female founders are underfunded and yet deliver great returns for investors,” she said. “I hope that through ventures like the Female Founders Forum and my new investment platform AllBright, we can change the conversation for the future.”