The Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference


The Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference

UAE is putting the final touches on its Conference titled, “The Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference” due to take place next week in London, UK

The conference’s prime objective is to produce a Qatari opposition and discuss the siege on Qatar. Senior International organisations such as Amnesty and Human rights organization called on the sieged to be lifted immediately.

According to Amnesty, the siege imposed on Qatar  resulted in “Families ripped apart, freedom of expression suppression”.  The organisation has also stated,” Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are toying with the lives of thousands of Gulf residents as part of their dispute with Qatar, splitting up families and destroying peoples’ livelihoods and education, Amnesty International said today.”
Amnesty also argued,“These drastic measures are already having a brutal effect, splitting children from parents and husbands from wives. People from across the region – not only from Qatar, but also from the states implementing these measures – risk losing jobs and having their education disrupted. All the states involved in this dispute must ensure their actions do not lead to human rights violations.”

London Centre For Public Affairs (LCPA) has contacted UK MPs, members of the Lords and Senior academics to familiarise them of the conference objectives.
News reports confirmed that a number British Parliamentarians and academics cancelled their participation at the conference due to lack of information.
LCPA is urging GCC countries to adopt dialogue to solve any differences.