$100M​ ​and​ ​100​ ​cities:​ ​Lalamove​ ​raises​ ​Series​ ​C​ ​to​ ​expand​ ​leading​ ​delivery coverage​ ​in​ ​Asia


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October​ ​11th,​ ​2017

$100M​ ​and​ ​100​ ​cities:​ ​Lalamove​ ​raises​ ​Series​ ​C​ ​to​ ​expand​ ​leading​ ​delivery coverage​ ​in​ ​Asia

HONG​ ​KONG,​ ​11​ ​OCTOBER​ ​2017​ ​-​ ​Lalamove, the leading same-day delivery and logistics
provider in Southeast Asia and China, has recently completed its latest $100M USD Series C funding round.

The round was led by ShunWei Capital, a venture capital firm that invests significantly in growth stage startups. Of the investment, Shunwei Capital Partner Cheng Tian says, “Lalamove is an important investment for us in the mobile logistics sector. We foresee strong growth in last-mile delivery and this has been reflected in Lalamove’s growth and performance. In only a couple years, Lalamove’s standardisation, speed of service, lean operations and execution strategies have all drastically improved efficiency, lending to their excellent reputation across Asia. Their resilience and continued efforts to innovate have allowed them to lead in the last mile delivery business. Shunwei Capital is very proud to be partnering with Lalamove to help lead the way in modernizing logistics by bringing the industry online.”

Lalamove leverages the power of the web, mobile app technology and the sharing economy to provide same-day delivery services for SMEs that require fast, on-demand delivery services. Lalamove offers the most comprehensive logistics and delivery coverage in Asia; in July 2017 the company reached a significant milestone of providing delivery in 100 cities. Lalamove services over 15 million users and is supported by over 2 million drivers while continuing to expand rapidly across China and Southeast Asia.

Shing Chow, Founder and CEO of Lalamove says, “after our Series B, we set out an ambitious goal to achieve leading delivery coverage across Asia and we’ve managed to exceed our expectations. We will continue to quickly expand into cities where we feel we can provide the simplest and fastest delivery service in the market.” Lalamove’s latest investment round includes participation from several previous investors including Xiang He Capital and MindWorks

Ventures. MindWorks Ventures Partner David Chang says, “our confidence in Lalamove and its team is reflected in our participation of five consecutive funding rounds. This new round of financing will further widen Lalamove’s dominance as the regional leader in the on-demand logistics space.”

Aside from market expansion, this new funding will also be used to make investments into talent across all parts of the organization, to build new product features and to allow businesses more direct access to Lalamove’s large fleet of drivers. One example is Lalamove’s new API integration service that helps SMEs leverage Lalamove’s on-demand delivery technology through their own business services.

Shing says, “Delivery of information takes seconds, but delivering physical goods is still
relatively slow. We want to change that. We want delivery to be measured in minutes, not days. Our average order-to-delivery time is very quick at 46 minutes, but we want to achieve even more. ShunWei’s investment will be extremely beneficial as we continue to expand and move towards our vision of providing the fastest and simplest delivery possible.”

About​ ​Lalamove
Lalamove is an on-demand logistics company in Asia that matches drivers with customers and SME businesses to fulfil same day deliveries. Lalamove’s mission of making local deliveries faster and simpler is achieved through innovations including instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 service, and a driver rating system. Lalamove allows these businesses to quickly scale their deliveries and operations at an accelerated rate.

About​ ​Shunwei​ ​Capital
Shunwei Capital is venture capital firm based in China specializing in early to growth stage
investments in founders and disruptive business models in mobile Internet, IoT, Fin-Tech,
Ed-Tech, artificial intelligence and robotics. Shunwei’s investment portfolio includes Xiaomi, Ninebot (Segway), and YY, among others. Founded in 2011 by Lei Jun (founder of Xiaomi) and Tuck Lye Koh, Shunwei Capital currently manages over $2 billion (USD) across its funds.

About​ ​Xiang​ ​He​ ​Capital
Xiang He Capital is a venture capital fund focusing on early and growth stage investments in China. The fund focuses on AI, telecommunications, media, technology and disruption of
traditional industries such as online education, logistics, fin-tech and online medical systems, enterprise services, B2B and internet.

About​ ​MindWorks​ ​Ventures
MindWorks Ventures is a Hong Kong based venture capital firm that invests into high-growth technology startups in the post-seed stage with a focus in the Southeast Asia and Greater China regions. Its founding partners David Chang and Joe Chan are seasoned investors who have built and backed global companies in the US and Asia. Their multi-stage venture funds invest in companies and assist the brightest founders to build technology for rapid adoption, scalability and disruption.
More info: http://www.mindworks.vc

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For​ ​English​ ​Media​ ​Enquiries:
Alexander Leung, SEA PR Lead
Tel: +852 5599 5176
Email: prteam@lalamove.com
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Lilian Kong, China / HK PR Lead
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Email: lilian.kong@lalamove.com

Lalamove​ ​完成C輪融資​ ​獲一億美元進一步拓展亞洲貨運物流市場

是次融資由風險投資公司順為資本(ShunWei​ ​Capital)領投,順為資本投資於多個初創
期及成長期的優質創業公司。順為資本合夥人程天:「Lalamove​ ​是順為資本在互聯網物
流領域的一筆重要投資。我們非常看好同區貨運行業的發展潛力和Lalamove​ ​團隊的執行
效率。在過去的幾年中,Lalamove​ ​通過提供實時快速的司機配對服務,標準化、精細化
克制的心態,銳意創新,引領了同區貨運行業的發展。順為資本很高興能和Lalamove​ ​團

通過網路與手機應用程式以及共享經濟概念,Lalamove​ ​為亞洲中小企業提供全面的即時

Lalamove​ ​創辦人暨執行長周勝馥(Shing​ ​Chow)表示:「當初完成B輪融資後,團隊以
Ventures)更是由Lalamove​ ​初創期開始便參與每一輪融資。概念資本創始合夥人張瑞祺
坦言:「我們已連續參與了五輪融資,這代表著我們對Lalamove​ ​及其團隊的信心。而這
次融資將進一步擴大Lalamove​ ​在貨運物流領域的領先地位。」

這筆新資金將能夠加快Lalamove​ ​的拓展速度及提高市場佔有率,同時亦會專注培育人才
化,利用Lalamove​ ​專有系統為中小企業提供即時運送方案。

Lalamove​ ​創辦人暨執行長周勝馥亦表示:「信息傳送只需幾秒,但搬運貨物卻要花上很
能完成送運。Lalamove​ ​是全球最快的貨運物流公司之一,平均只用46分鐘就能完成送貨
,但我們還想實現更多。今次順為資本的投資非常有助於Lalamove​ ​繼續拓展業務,能協

Lalamove​ ​提供即時貨物運送服務,透過直接聯繫司機與用戶,為亞洲不同的中小企業和
全年無休服務、訂單即時配對、實時GPS定位追蹤、及司機評分機制。Lalamove​ ​的全面

關於順為資本​(ShunWei​ ​Capital)

關於襄禾資本​ ​(Xiang​ ​He​ ​Capital)

關於概念資本(MindWorks​ ​Ventures)

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