Pound still in demand as NA desks enter the fray


Positive tones prevailing this morning for GBP pairs 9 Oct

It’s had its stalling points but demand prevailing for GBPUSD to post 1.3184 helped by EURGBP down through decent support/demand at 0.8920 to post 0.8907 in a hurry after both pairs triggered stopped.

 As I said in the comments on another post I had a tight stop on cable at 1.3160 and will evaluate again. Not possible to job with my usual dexterity when I’m flying solo here sadly.

Not complaining though. Had a decent run down last week so giving back a few pips so far today certainly no great drama. Can’t win ’em all, and I win more than I lose so I’ll go again at some point.

I highlighted decent sell interest/res between 1.3180-00 and that’s proving correct for the moment with 1.3184 highs now retreating to 1.3170

Focus on May/Brexit/ONS inflation revision/correction as buyers get the upper hand so far.

See you all back tomorrow for more forex fun n games.