New Energy Buses of Amsia’s OEM JV Partner, Zhongtong: Moving Forward!


New Energy Buses of Amsia’s OEM JV Partner, Zhongtong: Moving Forward!

One of the very first bus manufacturers has built on the reputation they have built over the years in a challenging market, and today they have established quite an impressive milestone.

Amsia Motors is proud to have made an excellent strategic and diligent choice to partner with the best in the industry; the bus manufacturer Zhongtong is one of the OEM JV partners for most of the bus manufacturing that Amsia is involved in, and because of this partnership Amsia is now equipped to create their products under their own brand name.

Amsia Zhongtong is committed to innovation and development. Zhongtong Bus introduced advanced European bus manufacturing practices and technology and developed a series of bus products as a leading member of the global bus manufacturing industry. Zhongtong covers highway buses, public buses, tourist buses, school buses, and RVs. Their products include 5.5 meter light buses to 18 meter luxury buses, with 13 series and 260 models in total. Those products have strong market competitiveness and a good reputation in the global automotive market. These vehicles have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the world. The new energy vehicles being researched and created have grown by more than 30% with sustained, rapid, and sound development practices.

Zhongtong has developed into one of the most powerful and competitive bus enterprises, and committed itself to building a world leading green bus industry cluster. Looking into the future, marching forward with new energy strategies, Zhongtong will contribute to the global auto industry and green transportation.

The bus frames are designed with lightweight and closed ring structure, with imported 3D NC plasma, laser cutting techniques, and robotic welding, all of which assures accuracy and efficiency.

Advanced tire molding techniques from Europe creates a unique horizontal tire mold structure providing 20% of precision improvement in the handling of the vehicles. With international advanced cathodic electrophoresis, the automated process is completed with more than 20 different steps and procedures.

An automatic robot spraying system from ABB is applied for accurate spraying, efficient paint consumption, a short work cycle, wide working region, large load bearing capacity, and reliable performance. This takes into consideration the IPS integrated process system developed by ABB.

Furthermore, with the automatic hot melting coating technique and automatic cutting technique for the floor mats, this process is supported by the cutting edge equipment from Eastman of America. This carries out the process to the CAD drawings with 96% high material utilization rate and 60% improved manufacturing efficiency.

Last but not least, the wheel alignment equipment is also sourced from America for advanced wheel alignment, which controls vital parameters. Ultimately, this reduces wear and tear, abrasion, quality, and driving comfort.

Today, Amsia Motors with its OEM JV Partner Zhongtong is empowered with the capacity to produce and develop one of the most powerful competitive buses on the market. They are committed to building a green bus generation with a focus on new energy, providing transportation in the growing and emerging markets around the world.

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