Mingtiandi to Debut First Annual Tech Survey


Mingtiandi Tech SurveyInvestment in real estate technology companies reached $1.9 billion globally in 2015, and grew 36 percent to $2.6 billion in 2016, as startups begin to disrupt the traditional property industry.

For property investment in Asia, however, adoption of new technologies has often proven challenging, despite the potential threat to old line businesses from digitally-driven startup competitors.

Survey to Debut Next Week

To better understand the challenges facing Asia’s traditional real estate companies as they modernise their businesses, Mingtiandi is launching Asia’s first large-scale survey of tech adoption and practices.

The independent poll of Mingtiandi’s more than 10,000 subscribers is scheduled to kick off next week, with the goal of benchmarking the current level of tech adoption among the region’s real estate developers, investors and service providers. The online survey will also explore the hurdles that real estate enterprises face in adopting new technology, as well as the future plans for the implementation of new systems by the respondents.

The survey, which is sponsored by real estate tech software provider Yardi Systems, will be held over two weeks during September, with the poll’s results to be published in detail on Mingtiandi later that same month.

Measuring Industry Tech Practices

This first edition of the survey will bring out data never before shared on the status of tech adoption in Asia, and is expected to serve as the foundation for an annual study tracking tech trends in the industry during the years to come.

If you have questions regarding the tech survey, you may contact us directly at Mingtiandi, and watch for the survey in this space next month.