Last Chance to Enter Mingtiandi’s Tech Survey


Take Tech SurveyMingtiandi’s tech survey, the first ever online poll of technology adoption by Asia’s real estate developers, investors and other industry professionals closes at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, September 26th.

Hundreds of Mingtiandi’s high level readers from the region’s biggest companies have already weighed in on where the industry is going and what hurdles face companies in the race to keep pace with the latest systems and trends.

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This first edition of the survey will bring out data never before shared on the status of tech adoption in Asia, and respondents will be eligible to receive a detailed report on the survey’s findings. The survey is made possible by the generous support of real estate tech software provider Yardi Systems.

You may take the tech survey by clicking the link above in this story. To ensure unique data, IP addresses will be tracked.

If you have questions regarding the tech survey, you may contact us directly at Mingtiandi.