Juncker and Barnier to meet MEPs before lunch with May on Monday


The 4 Dec Brexit bill deadline issued to the UK by EU officials looms large 3 Dec

While it’s all kicking off across the pond let us not forget the unfolding drama that might take an accelerated turn in the UK and EU tomorrow (Monday).
I have reported previously the 4 Dec deadline imposed by Tusk et al for the UK to bring an improved offer to the table:

Said Tusk a week ago:

“4 Dec is the absolute deadline for PM May to improve her Brexit divorce offer or face failure in persuading EU leaders to open trade talks”

Well now the day is nigh and Reuters report this morning that Juncker and Barnier’s meeting at 10.00 GMT with the EU legislature’s Brexit team tomorrow, led by Guy Verhofstadt, appears to be an effort to secure approval from Parliament for a deal on citizens’ rights.

The EU parliament must approve any Brexit treaty so it’s understandable to consult with them first before tomorrow’s lunchtime meeting with May & Co. If there is a deal to be made for ratification at the 14-15 summit then we need to establish how much of that has been factored into the recent volatility in GBP and EUR pairs.

We’ll have the developments as always as they unfold. In the meantime I’m heading out again so enjoy the rest of your week-end.

Definitely some busy times ahead.

              “Ok, you pay for lunch and we’ll improve the Brexit settlement. Deal?”