Indian media hit back at ‘racist’ Chinese video amid border tensions


Late Wednesday night, China’s official news agency, Xinhua, released the English-language video accusing India of committing “sins.” It shows a Chinese actor in a turban and faux beard speaking in a strange accent, apparently mocking Indians.

Titled “7 Sins of India,” the female presenter sums up Beijing’s perspective of the stand-off at the Doklam plateau, which borders China, India and Bhutan, accusing New Delhi of “trampling international law” and “trespassing.”

The rhetoric had reached “alarming levels and crossed every line of decency,” said a commentary on the online edition of the Indian Express daily.

The Hindustan Times said the Xinhua’s “racist video parodying Indians” particularly targets the Sikh minority. The video also sparked off debate on the Doklam issue on Twitter and Facebook.

The face-off at Doklam began in June, when Indian soldiers entered Doklam – an uninhabited plateau claimed by both China and India’s ally Bhutan – to stop the Chinese army from constructing a road, which New Delhi says is a serious security concern.