IMFs Rice speaks on Greece/China


IMFs Rice speaks on Greece/China

Some of the headlines from IMF Rice

On China

  • urgency of implementing China reforms has risen
  • China’s economic vulnerabilities are still increasing
  • China needs more focus on tackling credit growth
  • IMF welcomes China pledge on multilateralism,  international trade
  • China’s new 2017 growth target of 6.5% achievable
  • IMF believes China should focus less on high growth targets more on reforms

On Greece:

  • Too early  to speculate on timing of IMF Greek loan
  • In Greek bailout differences remain  in important areas
On other topics:

  • IMF G 20 focus will be on economic growth,, integration
  • ECBs accommodative stance is helping credit conditions
  • IMF view is for open global  trade  under fair rules

A menu of comments from IMF’s Rice. Nothing that is all too surprising.