IberiaBank M&A exec resigns, receives $1 million severance | Business


John Davis resigned Monday as IberiaBank Corp. director of financial strategy and mergers and acquisitions and investor relations.

His resignation is effective Thursday.

The company said Jefferson Parker, who will continue to be responsible for the capital markets business, will take on investor relations. Fernando Perez-Hickman will serve as director of corporate strategy and be responsible for mergers and acquisitions.

Under a separation agreement, Davis will be paid $600,000. IberiaBank also will pay Davis $400,000 on March 1 if he complies with his obligations under the agreement. Davis has agreed to release any claims against the company and not to solicit clients or recruit employees.

“For 18 years, John has made immeasurable contributions to the success of our company,” Daryl G. Byrd, president and CEO of IberiaBank Corp., said. “He has been instrumental in transforming our company from a small Louisiana-based community bank holding company to the nearly $30 billion regional, multifaceted financial holding company it is today.”

Parker, a New Orleans native, has been affiliated with IberiaBank since 2001 when he joined the board of directors. Perez-Hickman joined IberiaBank with its recent acquisition of Florida-based Sabadell United Bank. He was managing director of Sabadell America and chairman of the board for Sabadell United Bank.