How technology is transforming New Orleans


There are a handful of major technological hubs in the United States, where investors and consumers loom to witness the birth of the next revolutionary technology. However, there may be a new city among their ranks, as New Orleans starts to adopt more technological and entrepreneurial resources to reinvent its image and operations.

There’s no shortage of things to do in New Orleans, from steamboat tours to jazz music to ghost-themed walkabouts (and of course, the amazing food). But recently, it’s the innovative, technological spirit of the city that’s been driving its growth.

Recent honors

New Orleans has recently been named the “coolest startup city” in America, and has been getting more attention from top thinkers and innovators in the tech business world. It has also been ranked as the eighth best city in the country for supporting female entrepreneurship, and frequently makes “top” lists for its conduciveness to entrepreneurs and new tech. As The Atlantic points out, this has become a kind of cultural and infrastructural revolution since the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s damage back in 2005.

Entrepreneurial revival

So just what are the ingredients responsible for New Orleans’s entrepreneurial revival?