How can Smart Activation Ideas help you Reach the Unreachable Markets?


Millennials have the propensity to tune out most of the traditional forms of marketing. They are tech-savvy, and they love everything that offers real experience. In short, millennials are the reason the creative departments of advertising agencies burn the night oil. Inadvertently, they have been giving a few unforeseen challenges to all marketing agencies up until experiential marketing took up the responsibility.

The ability of event marketing to blend with traditional marketing and digital marketing has enabled the new brands and the old ones to reach the young shoppers in practical and impressive ways. While millennial shoppers do ignore advertisements on purpose, they also value entertainment and life experiences. That is precisely how experiential marketing has been able to target the brand-savvy populace.

Impress them with experience, not commodities

A recent study from the Harris Group shows that 72% of the millennial participants prefer real lessons over trinkets. They like to attend tradeshows, exhibits, gigs, festivals and all kinds of live events as long as they get a kick out of it. They are always in for the latest new exciting thing on the block. Glass trucks tours like the one with Godiva helps brands pull out the target audiences from a crowd. They help in presenting a slice of the behind-the-scenes of manufacturing and customer service. Millennials love it since the brand takes the effort of integrating the products and services into their environment. All your company has to do is find places where your target audience frequents. Concerts, music festivals, tattoo conventions, fashion events, social marches, and malls are not out of the question.

Stay away from anything fake

If there is something the young shoppers like more than a genuine experience it has to be authenticity. They crave it as a part of their own lives. They spend millions of hours on social media weeding out fake news and fake celebdom. They are interested in influencers and brands that have honesty in their values. You may find this concept difficult to grasp without an example. Do you remember how Elon Musk was the Twitter celebrity and role model for millions right before the Thai Cave rescue operations? Do you also remember how his followership fell once he spoke against the rescuer? His popularity became shakier once Tesla announced its intentions of going private. That is how much the young users of the web value genuineness of a personality and his brand. A critical study by Cohn & Wolfe shows that about 87% of all consumers believe that the brands need to have authenticity, integrity, and uniqueness. So when you roll out into the park or curbside location, you need to offer them an authentic experience. From the quality of the products to impeccable customer service; you need to have everything planned. Without astute planning, no engagement marketing campaign can make the right impression on the hard-to-please young shoppers.

Be ready for the social media deluge

Millennials do not shy away from sharing their opinions on social media. In fact, they do not mind sharing branded content either. Once you are ready to launch your activation, you should not forget to urge the influencer to share pre-campaign or preparatory images with branded hashtags. During the event, encourage your participants to share live photos and videos of the game. A study on Adweek says that about 81% of the young participants share branded content on social media if they are photos, about 71% share content with event hashtags and 67% end up following the brand on social media. Events often result in higher followership and a higher subscription rate. Young shoppers love to share their experience and reviews live from the event site. It is especially feasible when the brands offer them t-shirts, hats, totes and free samples from glass trucks. We remember that we said millennials prefer interactions over commodities, but in some cases like ice cream truck tours and chocolate glass-truck tours, interacting with the target audience does not seem adequate without some desserts. Moreover, it gives them the reason to show the products off! They love being the trendsetters, and they would love to be the first ones talking about your new products on social media.

Reaching the “unreachable” audiences is always possible when you take the effort to think outside the box. Glass trucks are the perfect instruments for brands that would love to go on the field to interact with their target audiences. New brands that do not have the liberty to spend millions on activation ideas, small startups that cater to a limited audience and the larger companies looking for small-budget ideas should all try branded truck tours and pop-up shops at least once. It is the perfect way to communicate with a select target audience at a location.