Hiring a Front End Developer with HTML 5 Test



Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, there is no doubt that most of our applications and programs now run on the same and because of which we are progressing at a faster pace. No doubt with an approach for using language like C and C++ we have come a long way but yes, it is also true that when we look around for the better approach for hiring, we need to hire the candidates who hold knowledge not only in these languages but also in the trending ones talking of which HTML 5 is one that you need to consider at the time of hiring. Right from the browser plugins till tracking the site that you visited the last on your device, HTML 5 is used for many reasons.

Know more about HTML 5 and why it is being used:

HTML 5 is important since it is used by most of the vendors supporting it. It includes the mobile space which now has become a universal platform of communications. With some of the features that make HTML 5 a common mode to be used, you can come up with an interesting web app as well which can make your device more user-friendly and easy to be analyzed. It, of course, continues to evolve a lot besides, the differences between the implementations can also get narrowed down. No doubt with such language you get ubiquity but when it comes to hiring a candidate holding a good experience in this field, it is always better to conduct an HTML 5 test.


Talking about the candidate to be hired, generally, such type of test helps in reducing the cost and time that you generally required to assess the hands-on skills along with the basic theoretical knowledge of the front-end developer. It is best suited to hire the developer who would be working on the front end. Besides, there is a wide range of choices available from the different skill tests that are specifically designed for quantifying and assessing the skills of such developers. With such test, it becomes easy for you to compare the best of the candidates at the same time know if you are investing your time and money on the right platform or not.

Things to be known while hiring the front end developer:

Before you go ahead and start looking out for the right candidate, there are some quick tips that may prove type be helpful. Starting with which research on the job role and the test that you are planning to conduct is extremely important. Furthermore, given are some of the details that can also be helpful.

Understanding the skills set:

Before you search, make sure you decide on what all skill set you expect a candidate to have when performing a role in any of your HTML 5 based project. If you want to create a new web site from the scratch, then you will have to decide the programming language that would be written and accordingly hire the developer who is expert in the same. Pay attention to some of the basic skills to increase the chances of finding the best and the potential front end developer such as:

HTML 5 and CSS:

These are the important skills which a developer needs to have. Your developer is expected to know the working of CSs and why it is being used. You can also simplify the layouts of HTML 5 so that it becomes quite convenient for you to manage it.


It is important for the candidate to hold a strong knowledge in JavaScript as well. Its efficient would make sure that better and a cleaner performance with modular code structure is known to the person.


Look for the candidate3 who holds a good knowledge or experience in Jquery and its functionality. Since, it is considered to be a good source you can use for developing the animation and making the Javascript run easily, it is an answer for all your problems.

Know the online presence or the Bootstrap:

This could be another best thing to be used for hiring. To view and discuss the portfolio of the candidate is the most effective way on screening a developer. When you look for a front-end developer, it is important to know how well can you put together the own online portfolio. It is something that not everyone does pay attention to but yes, if you want to see the skills of the candidate, the person might have to have the strong online presence. Besides evaluate the UX and design and review the online presence and look if the people who have been following them are actually happy with their service or not.

Automated testing:

Along with having a look at the portfolio of the candidate, if you conduct an automated test as stated earlier such as HTML 5 test, you get more clear viewpoint. It is one of the efficient ways by which you can know whether the front end developer you are planning to hire needs to be interviewed further or not. It is extremely easy to set up and no doubt the results are quite easy for interpreting even for those who are non-developer. Furthermore, it is important that you assess the candidate’s knowledge on assessing the syntax of HTML 5 and elements with functions and tagging.

Hiring can be challenging, but if you follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks, it will save a lot of your valuable time and money.