Here’s just how much 16 top Nasdaq tech stocks like Apple, Google, Amazon and Nvidia have gained in the last 14 months


Tech stocks are on a winning streak and have been for some time

It may come as no surprise if you’ve been keeping an eye on things, but here’s just how well they’ve been doing over the past 14 months, as collated in a handy note from Panmure’s David Buik.

Nvidia’s the big winner, gaining 260 per cent but Poor old IBM has struggled to keep up with the pack, however, and is the biggest loser, down six per cent.

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“Since 14th June last year the NASDAQ Composite has rallied by 30.9 per cent. Regardless of QE, or TINA (there is no alternative), this has been the vogue index,” said Buik.

“Though investors have tended to focus on the ‘big three” – Apple, Amazon & Google, other companies have hung on to the momentum attached to their coattails, though in all fairness most of them have performed well in their own right. Previously Nvidia, Applied Materials and AMD have been considered unfashionable. However, my word they performed with the greatest aplomb imaginable.

“Few would have believed that Netflix would have been a stand out performer (+84 per cent), but ‘House of Cards’, ‘Narcos’ and ‘The Crown’ have had massive appeal. Also few would have believed that the likes of Microsoft would have added 46 per cent in value in 14 months.”

But this long run has sparked some serious short selling, with half of the 20 most shorted US stocks being tech, according to analytics firm S3 Partners, and include Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon and Intel. The level of interest in the “tech 10” rose to $41bn and $1.4bn alone in the past month, the FT reported.

“There has been a great deal of gossip out there that the ‘shorting brigade’ is up for a scrap. They will need to be very selective and knowledgeable as we keep telling ourselves life is all about technology and the alternate asset classes are neither obvious nor attractive,” Buik added.

That sentiment was last week echoed by FBB Capital Partners director of research, who told CNBC tech stocks will keep growing faster than the rest of the market.

And M&G Investments equities investment director Ritu Vohora believes we’re not in another dotcom bubble.