“Hard Brexit” would deliver GBP 135bln annual boost to UK economy


So says a report from pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade 19 Aug

BBC carrying the story.

  • removing all trade tariffs and
    barriers would help generate an annual £135bn uplift to the UK economy
  • “hard” Brexit is
    “economically much superior to soft” argues Prof Patrick Minford, lead
    author of a report from Economists for Free Trade.
  • eliminating tariffs, either within free trade deals or unilaterally, would deliver huge gains.

The popular consensus says a hard Brexit would be detrimental to UK and GBP,  a view I have shared here and currently continue to do so ,although ultimately I still believe if we get it right Brexit will be a good thing for the UK and pound.

More from the Beeb here including a look at what the oft quoted “customs union” actually means.

Meanwhile Reuters have this story over the week end:

Britain will not exclude possible EU oversight of UK borders after Brexit

  • Britain will not rule out the possibility that the European Union may retain oversight of customs controls at UK borders after it leaves the bloc, as the country seeks ways to keep unhindered access to EU markets following Brexit

More here

Let’s see what the negotiations bring but the pound will continue to fluctuate  and remain undermined on the uncertainty imho.

More from the Beeb here.

Meanwhile, and as/more importantly, the clock is ticking.

Enjoy the rest of your week-end one and all.