EV Sales In 2016 Should Scare The Oil Industry, But 2017 Could Be A Death Blow If Tesla Can Deliver.


Brilliant video and analysis from Teslanomics by Ben Sullins. You can find my analysis on far-reaching geopolitical consequences of this Megatrend in the article below and now you can compare the growth in EV sales all over the world. 

We are talking about Oil becoming less and less important in terms of being like Blood for The Economy when everything just stops without it being pumped through The Economic and Financial System every single day. Suddenly, one society can live without burning it every day just to get around the block. It will have its place in the military, air transportation and chemical industries, but it is not as precious as Blood anymore. 

Now, let’s think about the most important subject here. What will happen to all other societies? To those ones which are built all around Oil? When their military power suddenly becomes irrelevant. When they are left with Trillions of dollars in stranded assets glued to Oil. This is the real disruption and asymmetric warfare. Who needs war when you are building Steam Engines just to “Make America Great Again”?

The last insult will come when the best brilliant scientific minds will start following the best technology in the Transfer of The History to China as well. We still have some time to make The Switch, but this time is running out very fast. Who will be left holding the bag with Trillions of dollars worthless stranded assets after this energy rEVolution will claim its victims?

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