Eurozone June trade balance NSA EUR 26.6bln vs 22.9bln exp


Eurozone June trade balance data just out 17 Aug

  • vs EUR 21.4bln prev and 28.9bln June 2016
  • trade bal SA EUR 22.3bln vs 20.3bln exp vs 19.0bln prev revised down from 19.7bln
  • exports unadj yy +3.9%
  • imports unadj yy +6.2%
  • SA exports mm -1.9%
  • SA imports mm -4.1%

Better than hoped/prev helps to steady EURUSD at 1.1735 with EURGBP holding 0.9100 and EURJPY 129.00

                                                   EZ trade balance mm NSA