Entrepreneur Spotlight – Sebastian Ravitz, founder of Loudley


US-China Investment News – Entrepreneur spotlight series 2017 Dec

US-China Investment New’s Entrepreneur Spotlight series aims to highlight periodically new businesses and ideas that in some form shape the future of either the US or China’s economy.

Hailing from sunny California, Sebastian Ravitz has spent his career immersed in the start-up world, and learned to navigate the roller coaster daily ups and downs that come with starting your own venture. He has a solid track record in the world of marketing, beginning his career at e-oh, a website that creates content based on pooled interest. He then worked for Trendy Butler, an online men’s apparel subscription service, providing him insight into the world of e-commerce. He later co-founded a lifestyle site for progressive thinkers, Hypecrib.

Before taking a plunge to full time entrepreneur he worked at Digital Niche Agency (DNA) where we had the chance to gain insight into the strategy side of marketing and account management for small to mid-size company clients. He learned a lot about multi-channel Programmatic Advertising campaigns and how to outperform Cost per Acquisitions targets. Overall, Sebastian amassed deep insights and experiences in the world of digital marketing that propelled him to where he is today. 

He’s been a vital team member from the development stage of numerous companies. His skills and experience span from commercial script writing and production to running seven figure Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaigns. He’s also helped multiple brands scale their monthly e-commerce sales by over 10 times. 

Loudley is an agency that he founded with his two partners while in college. Clients range from apparel and fine jewelry companies to large scale concerts and events. Having managed over $2M in Facebook ads, Sebastian’s experience in developing and refining target audiences paired with his creative approach to marketing is a high value asset he brings to his work.

How did you get started in business? 

Other than summer/weekend jobs in high school, I guess I’d consider my first ‘real’ job to be one of the initial team members of a men’s clothing subscription startup. I wrote the script for their commercial, helped create the brand’s voice, and strategized marketing campaigns. It was really a great entry into the entrepreneurial and startup world.

What drove you to become an entrepreneur?
I felt invigorated by having the ability to build a business from nothing, and then seeing consumers appreciate what that business has to offer. Having the freedom to create something the way you envision it is satisfying in a way that’s hard to describe with words.

As most entrepreneurs will experience at some point in their career, things change quickly at startups – especially when pay and equity really come into play. I decided to take both what I’d learned about business, and what I’d learned about myself to go and start my own company.

Have you always worked in the start up world or did you come from corporate?
For the most part, I’ve always been in the startup world. However, in high school I worked as a waiter and at a retail store. These were two of the most important jobs in my life actually. They taught me how to interact with customers, always making sure they’re satisfied. Knowing how to manage customer relationships is key to running your own company.

How did you come up with the idea for Loudley? What sets Loudley apart?
Marketing agencies hold clients for about 3-6 months. They’ll implement the techniques they use for all clients, then hope they work. My goal with Loudley was to offer personalized marketing to our clients. We want them to feel as though we’re on their team. From the creation of mission statements to ad implementation, we’ll help our clients create a brand and campaigns that we know the market will receive well.

What is your vision for the future of your business?
Right now we’re focused on scaling. I’d say about 95% of our clients have found us from word-of-mouth referrals. While this is an awesome endorsement of our skills, we’re ready to scale and build out the business to become sustainable for the future. Exciting times ahead!

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