Department of Defense to start issuing tablets for classified documents


Aug. 4 (UPI) — The Defense Information Systems Agency has initiated a pilot program to allow senior officials to access classified documents on specially secured tablets.

The program expands on a previous effort allowing access to documents on smartphones and falls under the Department of Defense Mobility Classified Capability – Secret Program.

“We’re bringing the mobile device from something you use mostly to consume information from to being able to actually do work on the device,” Pentagon Mobility Portfolio manager Jake Marcellus said in a press release.

Since May, 24 secured tablets with 8-inch screens have been issued to senior officials since May. They include features like the United Video Dissemination System that allows full-motion video from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sources.

“DISA understands global senior leaders require highly secure mobile solutions/devices to be always on and always connected,” said DMCC-S tablet pilot program manager Leticia Parra.

“The program is focused on listening to customer needs and providing them with larger viewing screens for real-time missions.”