Data about Adelaide on new Council site will detract investors, Councillor Anne Moran warns


AN Adelaide councillor has asked for metrics about the city’s economy to be “fudged” on a new council website for fear it will detract investors.

Invest Adelaide, an online “dashboard” for economic insights about the city, will be launched at the Town Hall on Wednesday night.

The website provides data about demographics, the economy, employment, businesses, property and tourism to inform “evidence based decision-making” and “empower” investors, students and residents.

But councillor Anne Moran fears it will reveal “a lot of empty shops, high unemployment” and poor public transport and at a committee meeting last night, asked if the data could be “fudged”.

“Obviously I was just joking,” she said.

However, she questioned whether making the information public was the city “putting our best foot forward”.

“Everyone knows that Adelaide is slow,” she said.

“I’m not sure I want that data.”

A council administrator said the data “showcases affordability”, while Lord Mayor Martin Haese suggested a section on the site for promoting good “news”.

Originally published as Site won’t lure investors: Councillor