Cloud Computing: The next Big Thing!


Cloud Computing: The next Big Thing!


With the advent of digitization, Cloud computing plays a vital role in different organizations. Although the cloud is far from a new idea, its true capabilities are only now beginning to be realized. With the increasing need for solid data storage facilities, various organizations are gradually moving every bit of their information to the cloud. Cloud computing offers a huge array of benefits apart from individual information stored in the cloud. Some of these may include recovery of enormous volumes of information in the data servers which may be used as per the requirement. Additionally, it also offers some advantages like reduction in costs, remote access, upgraded maintenance and management of critical information, augmented IT support services for accomplishing the organizational business goals in an easier and accelerated manner.

There are various expectations from Cloud Computing field. Bain and Company researchers have estimated that Global Cloud IT is likely to earn a market income of  US$390 billion by the year 2020. Forrester also states that the cloud computing market which includes of cloud applications and services, business control and administration is estimated to reach US$236 billion by 2020.

Let’s explore how the Cloud will shape our lives in the upcoming years:

  1. Data Management

As a matter of fact, the cloud is said to help the society and different organizations in coping with enormous volumes of data. In the current era of technological advancements, we see the various applications of a smartphone like high-definition videos, which require huge storage capacity. It was quoted by the white paper published by IDC’s Data Age 2025 that the storage requirements and network bandwidth will be driven more by image and video content for non-entertainment purposes. In lucid terms, Cloud would help us to store increasing volumes of data and mine it for critical insights.

  1. Internet of Things

Of late, the Internet of Things(IoT) has grabbed eyeballs across various sectors around the world. There is a rapid growth of IoT gadgets like Air Conditioners, lights, door locks etc. and its global market is projected to expand about US$457 billion by the year 2020. It is interesting to note that this technology functions mostly with the cloud. In the IoT community, advanced technological gadgets tend to use the cloud for broadcasting and transmitting valuable information. The demand for cloud storage has accelerated with the ever increasing use of such highly sophisticated gadgets and it is estimated that in the coming years, we are likely to observe the exigent developments in cloud computing, with the help of Internet of Things towards a flourishing future.

  1. Building a Digital Infrastructure

It is being said that Cloud will provide the base foundation and digital infrastructure of new cities. We may take the example of driverless cars, smart elevators, drone taxis etc. With Cloud computing, it has become easier and organized to store and analyze the humongous amount of data across various servers. Notwithstanding, the cloud has brought huge transformation in various fields like data analytics, artificial intelligence etc. and has made it easier to hold voluminous data and increased the efficiency across different domains. For instance, a utility cloud can be being used for automatically repairing the flaws in the power grid thereby ensuring that different households and businesses get the power supply per their needs and requirements.

  1. Use of Driverless Vehicles

It has been the dream of every technology enthusiast to see driverless cars sliding down the streets and highways. But we still need to wait and witness such high-tech phenomena. Bow down to the power of the cloud, this shall be a reality soon!

We can consider the example of sensor lights, cars with front and rear-view cameras. These devices are beamed up to the cloud and can store huge volume of data. For instance, there are video features provided in autonomous vehicles which enhances the road safety and tends to make these cars more secure. High-end cameras are installed in such cars to counter thefts and protect against burglary. Just in case a car thief breaks in, the suspicious incident is immediately captured in a video footage which is directly transmitted to the cloud.


In the current era of technological advancements, cloud storage is considered an imperative component of business exercises. Cloud computing is being termed as a noteworthy development of data storage. Various organizations are recognizing the importance and demand for cloud storage and have popularized more data centers online with upgraded cloud storage facilities. With the increasing acclaim of the cloud services; an organization can accelerate its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, as Cloud computing is the newest trend and here to stay!


Author Bio: I am Maria Thomas, Content Marketing Manager and Product Specialist at GreyCampus with eight years rich experience on professional certification courses like PMI- Project Management Professional, PMI-ACP, Prince2, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Big Data, Cloud and Six Sigma.

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