Chicago cop show ‘APB’ imagines a wussy mayor and technology as savior


The last thing Mayor Rahm Emanuel needs is another mouthy billionaire getting in his face, telling him City Hall can’t handle Chicago’s violent crime.

The thousands of shootings, the murders, the carnage, the not-enough-cops, the fetal thing, the politicians in denial, you’ve heard it, or you’ve seen the angry White House tweets.

But now an arrogant (virtual) billionaire is getting into Rahm’s (virtual) face and (virtually) slapping the smirk right off it in a new TV crime drama called “APB.”

Gideon Reeves is the brilliant engineer boss of Reeves Industries. He takes over a Chicago police district to fight crime with technology, a cellphone app, drones, high-tech Cadillacs and panache.

Ayn Rand meets Rahm Emanuel meets Captain Nemo meets Donald Trump.

And thanks to the deep pockets of the tech billionaire, the Chicago police get a fleet of souped-up Cadillac squad cars, Taser blaster guns, tight-fitting superhero uniforms that stop bullets and an army of drones!

Oh, and an espresso machine that costs several thousand dollars, so cops can daintily sip espresso from tiny china cups.

“All Pure Bull(bleep),” writes retired Chicago SWAT team boss Bob Angone, who watched as my technical adviser and thinks the show’s an insulting, stupid waste of time. “Pure and total.”