Buy Official Tickets Online for El Gordo de La Primitiva – Spains #1 Lottery Game


If you have only just started playing the lottery over the past couple of decades then you may be fooled into thinking it’s something new and innovative, however the La Primitiva has actually been around since 1763. Originally the La Primitiva was known as the Loteria Real when it was first introduced by a Spanish King but has since undergone a name change.

The La Primitiva has even broken records with the most recent being in October 2015 after there were 56 rollovers landing one lucky winner who matched all six numbers in addition to the reintegro €101.7 million.
You too could try your luck at the La Primitiva and you don’t even have to leave home to partake as you can purchase tickets online.

How to Play Online
Playing the La Primitiva lottery online can be done easily with online lottery betting websites or online lotto ticket providers such as Lottosend. With these types of providers you can play online from any country.
For each ticket purchased six numbers can be selected from 1 to 49. To win at least 3 million euro’s you have to match every number as well as the Reintegro.
The Reintegro is not selected like the other six numbers it is instead randomly assigned to the ticket purchaser.

If no winners are matched to the numbers drawn the main prize rolls over ready for the next draw. People taking part are also able to win smaller prizes by matching all six numbers, 5 numbers as well as the bonus ball, 4 numbers and 3 numbers.
If you get the Reintegro you are also able to win a small prize. When there is more than 1 winner the amount is shared out.
Prizes under the amount of €2500 can be collected by any establishment that sells the tickets for the La Primitiva, but those that win more than this amount can be cashed in only with banking entities that have collaborated with the lottery.
The first ever draw took place on the 10th of December back in 1763, with an aim to increase the amount of money in the State Coffers without having to increase or add a new tax. The system used today differs very little from the original.

It wasn’t until 1863 that the Government supressed the Primitivia lottery, but in 1985 it was returned on the 21st August 1985 by Royal Decree.
It was originally a weekly draw which took place on Thursdays but a Saturday draw was also added from 1990.
When brought back in the 1980’s the price per ticked was just 25 pesetas. Over time with inflation this price has increased and stayed at 1 euro. There was originally not a refund ball. This was added later in 1991.

To increase their odds of winning the La Primitiva many players club together to purchase tickets as a group. If any of the groups numbers are drawn and a winner is announced everyone in the group gets a share of the winnings.
You don’t have to live in Spain to play, you can play from anywhere in the world by playing online. The money that is raised from the La Primivita is split so that 70% is returned to players as monetary prizes and the 30% left is given to the State to help cover the costs of administration, the Public Treasury and social projects in Spain.