Burlington Hydro: Investing in people


The 90 people currently employed fulltime at Burlington Hydro Inc., are among an enviable group working at one of Hamilton-Niagara’s top employers, according to the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers publication.

This is the second year in a row that the electricity distributor has earned a spot in the annual competition.

This is in part due to several initiatives that foster a rewarding work environment from professional development to staff wellness and effective communication.

Among the highlights cited by the judges are the company’s alternative working options, which include compressed work schedules.

There’s also a defined benefit pension plan, as well as retirement planning assistance and phased-in work options for employees approaching retirement.

Burlington Hydro also offers full tuition subsidies for work-related courses taken at a college or university, as well as in-house and apprenticeship training programs and professional accreditation subsidies.

 It’s all part of the company’s focus on “providing a safe and respectful workplace where employees are highly valued, treated fairly, and challenged with meaningful work,” says Burlington Hydro Inc. President and CEO Gerry Smallegange. 

  “At Burlington Hydro we understand that at the core of a talented and inspired company is a highly trained workforce that goes the extra mile and always takes pride in serving our customers and the community,” adds Smallegange.

Some of the notable standouts in the company’s employee-focused culture are a computer purchase loan program that offers interest-free loans to a maximum of $3,000, through payroll deductions up to 36 months.

Also, an employee recognition program honours staff for every five years of service at the company’s annual Quarter Century Luncheon.

Proving that nurturing the mind is as important as nourishing the body at Burlington Hydro there’s an employee wellness program that offers coaching, group workshops and recipes to improve nutrition. Even in-house yoga classes have been made available to help employees ease stress and improve their fitness

“Attracting, developing and retaining talent is an investment in our future and it’s instrumental in creating a sustainable and stable company,” says Jennifer Smith, Vice President, Corporate Relations, Burlington Hydro Inc.  “It’s part and parcel of a work environment where employees are encouraged and motivated to excel.” 

Source: einnews.com