Boris Lozhkin controls the tobacco business in Ukraine with China’s help


Boris Lozhkin, a scandalous Ukrainian businessman, controls the “Megapolis Holding” in the country. National activists call to struggle the development of this company

Boris Lozhkin and FSS Control the Tobacco Business in Ukraine

Sergiy Vysotskiy and Andriy Levus informed the community that a range of social organizations blocked the activity of “Megapolis” stores in Lviv, Kyiv, Ternopil, Lutsk, Rivne, and Kovel. There are some facts concerning the connection of Boris Lozhkin with the company.

The organization is a “daughter” branch office of the Russian “Megapolis”. It is a total monopolist in the tobacco market since 2011. The Russian company belongs to the group of “Mercury” organizations. Igor Kesayev, the president of the “Monolith” fond and the FSS veterans’ supporter, owns it. And Y. Khalturin, who’s also connected with the FSS, is the vice-president of “Mercury”. There’s also the information that another FSS character is engaged with the business. His surname is Gundiaiev. That’s why the appearance of Boris Lozhkin in the story of “Megapolis” is strange and unexpected.

”Megapolis” Operations on the Territory of Ukraine

When “Megapolis” appeared in the Ukrainian tobacco market it was clear that they want to clean it from other distributors. Those retailers who didn’t want to cooperate with them just disappeared or were closed by the tax police. It was the period when “Philip Morris Ukraine” and “JTI Ukraine” started bending under the pressure of “Megapolis”. From time to time the name of scandalous Boris Lozhkin appeared in operations of the company.

No one even mentioned about revisions and audit of the company. All examination procedures were strictly forbidden. None director could sign the confirmation for the check of stores of “Megapolis”. That’s why everybody could only imagine which risky and dishonest operations connected with the excise duty took place there. The quality of their product was under a question too.


Connections between Boris Lozhkin and “Megapolis”

Boris Lozhkin is a famous character in Ukraine. He’s a well-known businessman and owner of the investment company. Lozhkin founded the UMH group and known as a multimillionaire. He appeared in the list of thirty most authoritative CIS media-managers. He also was the Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine from 2014 till 2016.

Different sources inform that Boris Lozhkin performs the interests of the Russian “Megapolis” in Ukraine. It’s obvious that such relationships are not too attractive taking into account that this company is a monopolist on the territories of both countries. And the opposition activities towards “Megapolis” of such social organizations as “People’s Front” are clear. But they didn’t even understand that they proclaimed war with Lozhkin who lobbies the operations of the company in Ukraine.

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