Auto Shanghai 2017 Showcases Electric And Self-Driving Cars.


Everything is on a large scale in China. The largest auto market in the world enjoys the attention from almost 1,000 auto companies presenting 1,400 models at Shanghai Auto Show 2017. Now you will be less surprised to find out that there are more than 70 models of electric cars on sale in China already and it is the largest market for EVs in the world.

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China is leading the world in Solar and Wind power generation and is the largest market for electric cars. Today we can see what kind of supercars China can already produce in electric space. There are more than 70 models of electric cars on sale already in China. Next step will be to lure the best EV technology into China in exchange for the access to the largest auto market in the world. All major automakers have announced JV programs for EVs to be made in China. And recently the best of them Tesla Motors has received the serious invitation to the Chinese EV party with “Chinese Facebook” Tencent buying 5% stake in the company. Next step will be the production facilities for mass market electric cars like Tesla Model 3 in China. It will be great for the company and it will be great for China which is choking on the cancer hazard pollution. 

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More than a thousand cars from nearly as many companies made their debut ahead of the 2017 Shanghai auto show on Wednesday, reflecting the latest in technology and intelligent design. 

A total of 1,400 cars from multinational automakers hit the floor at Auto Shanghai 2017, known officially as the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. 

This year, big names in the industry including Volkswagen, Toyota, and BMW are highlighting electric vehicles and self-driving cars, hoping to bring the future of automobiles to the large Chinese market.  

“Generally, the automotive industry in China will be fully connected, will be more and more pure-driven electric and as well in the long term with more autonomous driving,” said Dr. Jochem Heizmann, the president of Volkswagen Group China. 

Chinese auto manufacturers are also bringing innovation to the table, with Changan launching a car equipped with nifty tech such as intelligent voice interaction, remote control, and wireless charging. The company, and many others, wants to appeal to popular tastes as well as niche consumers. 

“I think the consumption of the new urban youth and the new technology can generate new consumer demands, which will promote the Chinese auto industry to diversified and multi-layer development with a new direction,” said Wang Jun, vice president of Changan Automotive Group. 

Auto Shanghai 2017 will be open to the public from Friday to April 28, and is expected to attract about a million visitors.