Africa Endeavor 2017 communications conference starts in Malawi


Aug. 21 (UPI) — The Africa Endeavor 2017 defense communications and technology sharing conference sponsored by the Armed Forces of Malawi and U.S. Africa Command started Monday in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The five-day symposium will feature presentations by international communications experts and will focus on sharing interagency communications strategy.

The focus is on signals technology compatibility between U.S. AFRICOM and international defense bodies such as the African Union, NATO and United Nations peacekeeping forces with other partners.

The symposium is meant to provide relationship and networking opportunities for regional and international leaders in communications technology, according to participants.

“This is more than just a Pan-African communications symposium of senior leaders,” U.S. AFRICOM African Endeavor Lead Planner Steven Carter said in a press release.

“The AE venue builds the next generation of signal leaders. The relationships made here are sustained over years and help build stronger bonds between countries who would otherwise not interact under any other conditions.”

Technologies to be discussed include maritime security, radios, civil-military cooperation, encryption, cyber warfare and other fields.